Lorena Piñeiro U.

Lawyer (J.D.) from Universidad de Chile and master (LL.M.) from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), specialized in corporate governance, transparency, ethics and compliance. She led the area of ethics and compliance of Falabella S.A. and worked at Television Nacional de Chile supporting the board and developing its corporate governance. She was recently a visiting professor at University of California, Davis, where she researched the latest trends in business ethics. She is associate professor of ethics and compliance at the Graduate School of the Law School of the Universidad de Chile.

Héctor J. Lehuedé

Lawyer (J.D.) from Universidad de Chile and master (J.S.M.) from Stanford University, specialized in corporate governance, financial affairs, taxation, and business integrity, with 25 years of experience in senior positions in leading entities of the private and public sector, in Chile and abroad. He has developed his career at the intersection of law and economics, with high professional standards and a personal interest in multidisciplinary analysis of challenges and opportunities, focusing on the generation of value and the exploitation of synergies.

External team

According to the needs of each case, our work is supported by a group of external consultants with significant experience and solid professional careers, who carry out their activities in a wide range of fields.